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May 17th VRH Show & Pre-Entry Details (VRH Show Guide included below)

AQHA & All-Breed Versatility Ranch Horse Show on Sunday, May 17th

Location: Casey Moore Cutting Horses, Williston, Florida

*** this is approved by the Florida Quarter Horse Association

Your points will count towards year-end awards in both the Florida Ranch & Cutting Club and the Florida Quarter Horse Association!

Please Send Pre-entries to:, this will help us follow our Social Distancing Guidelines. Here is the following form you can fill out to email or use as a guideline on what to submit.


There are 7 classes offered at the AQHA VRH shows.

There are 5 Divisions that exhibitors choose from to compete:

OPEN - any rider exhibiting a registered Quarter Horse

COWBOY - exhibiting a registered Quarter horse - the cowboy division is for working ranch cowboys - the rider must be an owner, family member or full time employee of the ranch that owns the horse

AMATEUR - non-professional exhibiting a registered Quarter Horse and possessing an AQHA Amateur card

YOUTH - exhibitors 18 or under showing a family owned registered Quarter HorseALL-BREED - at the FRCC shows, the All-Breed classes allow any horse/rider combination to show regardless of ownership and registration

A brief description of each class offered at our FRCC Shows (more complete description is available in the AQHA 2020 Rulebooks which is available online and as a phone app)

RANCH CUTTING: the exhibitor has 2 minutes to cut 2 cows - there are similarities to NCHA Cutting but some important differences are: you are not penalized for reining your horse - you can only cut 2 cows - you can stop before your time is expired. This class is offered for OPEN, COWBOY, AMATEUR, YOUTH & ALL-BREED Divisions - a great opportunity to show your cutters under show conditions

RANCH COW WORK: the exhibitor has 3 minutes to complete the class which consists of three parts: Boxing, Fence Work, and Roping or Circling. OPEN and COWBOY exhibitors must rope the cow. AMATEUR,YOUTH and ALL-BREED exhibitors have the option to circle up or rope the cow. The announcer will announce one minute remaining.

LTD RANCH COW WORK: only offered for AMATEUR, YOUTH or ALL-BREED exhibitors. This is a boxing / drive / boxing / drive class with a one minute and forty-five second time limit. The announcer will announce 50 seconds remaining.

RANCH TRAIL: 6 to 9 obstacles including the 6 mandatory obstacles: ride over poles; gate; wooden bridge; back up; side pass; for OPEN,COWBOY and AMATEUR the drag is mandatory- no drag in the YOUTH or ALL-BREED divisions

RANCH REINING: a VRH reining pattern will be chosen - most rules are similar to NRHA rules with a few exceptions: off-pattern, two hands; repeated disobediences are not disqualifications but are considered OP’s which means you will still place but below any one else that does not incur an OP - this class is offered for OPEN, COWBOY, AMATEUR, YOUTH and ALL-BREED divisions.

RANCH RIDING: a VRH Ranch Riding pattern will be selected - all three gaits plus an extended trot and extended lope will be part of the pattern. If a lead change is part of the pattern it can be simple or flying. Off pattern or two hands will result in an OP which places below any one that does not incur an OP - this class is offered for OPEN, COWBOY, AMATEUR, YOUTH and ALL-BREED divisions

RANCH CONFORMATION: your horse is shown in halter and judged on the most positive combination of balance, structural correctness and movement. All sexes show together. Offered for the OPEN, COWBOY, AMATEUR, YOUTH and ALL-BREED divisions.

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