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Trail practice tonight and more!

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Thank you to all who came out to our first cutting practice on Aug. 5th. We had a great time. Tonight is our first Trail practice and will include flag, trail, and ranch riding. Be at the Addison's Arena at 7pm. It is $25 per person.

We plan to continue having Cutting and Trail practices on Monday nights so stay tuned for the next dates coming soon. Check out the following shows we have planned:

2-Day Fall Show: Aug 31st - Sept 1st

DAY 1: Aug 31st - Saturday - Cutting at Ted Sokol Cutting Horses, then break for lunch and meet at the Addison's arena for Flag and Trail Practice in the afternoon.


1) Open

2) 35,000

3) 15,000

4) 500 Rider

Fees: $135 per class

DAY 2: Sept 1st - Sunday - VRH classes held at the Addison's Arena: 686 Western Ave, Pierson, FL


1) Cow Work (2 cow/2 min.) 

2) Limited Cow Work (Box, Drive, Box) 

3) VRH Trail - Walk/Trot & Walk/Trot/Canter Course 

4) VRH Ranch Riding - Walk/Trot & Walk/Trot//Canter Pattern 


Both Cattle Classes: - One Fee: $100 

VRH Trail & VRH Ranch Riding: $75 for both 

For both Cattle and trail classes: $140

Membership Fee: $25 

Sunday's show starts with two VRH Cutting Classes. We'll break, set up VRH Trail, have lunch available for purchase, and do the trail and VRH classes.

2-Day November Challenger Show: Nov 23 - Nov 24th at Lady Lake Equestrian Center

More details coming soon.

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